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ルー ソン ユエン ホテル(南鑼鼓巷) (Lu Song Yuan Hotel (Nanluoguxiang) Beijing), 北京瑞衡、芫松園ホテルは国家四合院文化保護区板場胡同内にあります。北海、後海、景山、故宮、南銅鑼鼓巷などの観光スポットに隣接しています。ホテルの周辺には素朴で古めかしい北京の文化があります。




  • Capital Airport Beijingからホテルまでの距離はどのくらいですか?

    ルー ソン ユエン ホテル(南鑼鼓巷) 空港へ21.6km。

  • ルー ソン ユエン ホテル(南鑼鼓巷)に空港シャトルバスのサービスはありますか?


  • ルー ソン ユエン ホテル(南鑼鼓巷)のチェックイン時間とチェックアウト時間はいつですか?

    チェックイン時間:14:00以降, チェックアウト時間:12:00前です。

  • ルー ソン ユエン ホテル(南鑼鼓巷)にプールとフィットネスはありますか?


  • ルー ソン ユエン ホテル(南鑼鼓巷) の敷地内にレストランはありますか?


  • ルー ソン ユエン ホテル(南鑼鼓巷)にはブロードバンドまたはWifiがありますか?


  • ルー ソン ユエン ホテル(南鑼鼓巷)は前払いを受け入れますか?


  • ルー ソン ユエン ホテル(南鑼鼓巷)はレジットカードでの決済を受け付けています?


  • ルー ソン ユエン ホテル(南鑼鼓巷)朝食はいくらですか?

    朝食 CNY30/人。

  • ルー ソン ユエン ホテル(南鑼鼓巷)の宿泊料金はいくらですか?


クチコミ 詳細
  • e01711276
    Is located in South drums Xiang side of alley in, to South drums Xiang Metro station and around attractions is convenient, You Shi tourism trip, alone travel words to note night no Street, but around environment compared security; staying Shi front desk said has help I upgrade room, but also no photos in of single between big, Windows on wall, and didn't feel has upgrade had, room within has wireless network but is not stable, air conditioning heating no heating; service attitude very good, health good.
  • luciigao1979
    A great location and is very convenient, just beside the South Gong and drum Lane, Mong Kok, with quiet, quiet, very characteristic of old Beijing, and proprietary restaurant, produced a good, moderately priced, recommended to the experienced guys stay in Beijing!
  • xugelan
    Good location, service allows you to be comfortable, waiters are warm Beijing a forthright, antique rooms, quiet ... poor little sound insulation. likes it outdoor patio. hanging account is shade the yard? ' is like the old Beijing style, color?, a little ...
  • flyres
    Staying a second night under the Chair sees the House before one left to BRA, it's disgusting do not know how long ago, clean the room is really doing, work is a form of it? had never encountered such a situation
  • nifuwen
    Very comfortable
  • guojing1989
    Unique, good location, warm attitude of service. health conditions are good.
  • bubble_al
    Inside the Palace, environment, convenient to the nanluoguxiang and Houhai. breakfast is too monotonous
  • Anna Wang
    In the hutongs, quiet, simple and elegant, is the former monk's Hall of the Palace rebuilding, retained the antique part of the courtyard cloister of tranquility, was very satisfactory, the next opportunity would come
  • fang173
    Location which is near! is the room small-Nan Gong, Gu Xiang, the other side of the fat cats baked fish
  • ciweidou
    Location is very convenient, in the hutongs of Beijing, features, room size, but there is no heat, a little cold.
  • FredGuo
    Good location, in the second ring. facilities are good, service is good ... the only drawback is the small room.
  • junjintei
    For the test, zhongxi's near, all were very good, the candidates choice ~ ~ ~
  • candy623
    Nice environment, quiet
  • jenny19810430
    Good, South drums Lane, near subway station, five minutes walk to, good health, and this lot prices it would be!
  • nescape
    Good location, quiet, surrounded by convenient, but the room was so small, but can also accept
  • Carltn
    Nice, quiet, clean, service is good
  • susan7081
    Because with one age half of children, enthusiasm of front desk girl active help will room upgrade for best of big bed room, is moved. hotel environment unexpectedly of good, lobby like is a has long history of Museum, displayed with some is has era sense of ornaments, from roof to ground are carved, seems exposure Palace. room spacious comfortable, greatly of window just can see yard, is comfortable. hotel of location is convenience, distance South drums Xiang Metro station is near,From the subway station to the hotel through the lively South Gong and drum Lane, ate all the way to. it is regrettable that room without breakfast, hungry to go out in the morning
  • noJayorJay
    Hotels in South Gong and drum Lane, that's easy, courtyard of the old building, good
  • liwei0804
    Environment naozhongqujing, very characteristic of old Beijing, the waiter very high quality, and praise one!
  • li2758069
    Hotel belongs to the Chinese style, small courtyard in the middle of a feeling, sitting inside a small wind feel comfortable away from nanluoguxiang, very close to the sea, in a quiet, worthy of recommendation.
  • odele
    Location is OK, others not worth
  • D03494701
    Location is in board factory alley inside, advantage is tour ancient alley convenient, but parking is really of is not convenient, alley is line road, motor vehicle open not to hotel door, have itself find parking, capital of parking fee really of is your, a night to spent 50-80 around, such is down room really not cheap, also has room of air conditioning not business hot, open has a night hut in are no warm came. recommends travel of friends, to select traffic convenience of hotel, avoid led with heavy ofLuggage and the streets looking for hotels in distress.
  • e01912249
    Hotel location is OK, breakfast not good, room TV is faulty, can't watch TV, a little disappointed, but reception is OK, good.
  • cleo1226
    Hotel location is ideal, on in South drums Xiang side Shang a article alley within, hotel by quite Beijing taste of courtyard alterations, make in the take static, traffic convenience, distance Metro, bus station are 5 minutes within walk can up. room area is is unlikely to, but is clean, indoor furnishings antique. hotel within environment also is quiet, morning in Hotel open garden in the Sun Sun Sun, feel is good. breakfast of pattern not more, but is is, food material fresh, also is delicious. hotel employees of service good, Full of gracious home. also worthy of recommendation.
  • ccc0329
    Good location, the surrounding environment. just slightly cramped rooms.
  • justca
    Have booked a standard double room, but the hotel is given a single room, there is no price adjustment, the room is too small, as opposed to ' price is not worth it.
  • xiange
    A very good environment, is near from the play.
  • gobysun
    Very good location, alley, street, downtown quiet. line break, Line 6 buses. Beijing taxis is not convenient ... easy to use public transport instead, no traffic jams. tour the National Palace Museum, the National Museum, Tiananmen Square, National Art Museum of China, the North Sea.
  • lyn1616
    Capital city worthy of the price of the room, courtyard well.
  • lixydu
    Hotels close to South drums Lane, the location was excellent, convenient. but not to force hot water, bathing during the day is pretty much cold water
  • Pacoliu
    The trip is to bring their niece of drama Arts exam, online to find the recent drama, location was good, just at night, find a hotel when the lane is a bit dark. room feel a little cool, infrastructure, health is still good.
  • mydorm
    Lovely quiet courtyard culture, well, next time you subscribe.
  • dongxx
    Room was small, this place can be felt at this price!
  • e00640663
    Why don't you cash back!
  • arxiao
    The location is good, service very good! nice!
  • alovef
    Very good
  • babymummy
    Breakfast particularly good! room of mineral water every day!
  • jumpsummer
    General General
  • ybxccard
    Small courtyard is a nice antique feel overall is that WiFi is bad
  • Zhuo J. Little
    The location of the hotel is very good. It is really quiet. The hotel is nice. The staff is really helpful and they speak very good English. The breakfast is good. I definitely recommend this hotel.
  • aiaifly
    Good location-features-but found a cockroach on the last day ... Estimation because of continuous rain-the others are all right
  • cunmt
    Very satisfied with room distinctive, health and very clean facilities, good location, Metro buses taxi is very convenient.
  • mjgljt
    Hotel is located in the city centre, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. waiter was friendly.
  • Cony rabbit
    Services are particularly good, right next to the southern percussion Lane, eat without worry.
  • jd_114
    Drainage is very poor on the first floor, the water accumulated in the bathroom so dangerous!, hair dryer are bad
  • dralban
    Good location, booked a standard room, and thought it was a two bed, to see of the room is a bed, and then to the front desk room, front desk was reluctant, in urging me to give me a two-bed standard room, the room is not very big, but it's clean and toiletries is bad quality, convenient!
  • pc1043
    Nice hotel!
  • boreas_ling
    Hotel service was excellent value
  • aeco0918
    Smell very strong building, breakfast was great, simple and refreshing, near public transit, taxis, subways are very convenient, located in South luogu Lane, near from the sea, nice
  • babylee11
    Good, antique, wife happy